ISMJ38_Lifestyle.jpgIt was during the ‘80s that new cars started to feature a cassette deck. At the time, it was pretty rad. Sure, cassettes have some serious drawbacks, which is why CDs eventually won out. You have to rewind and fast forward instead of skipping tracks, and the magnetic tape can get mangled over time. Even when CDs were a more popular format for albums, cassettes lingered for a surprisingly long time. The last car ever made with a cassette deck in it was a Lexus model as recently as 2010.

By 2011, you could stick a fork in it -- cassette tapes were done. Not only had audio CDs long since gotten far more popular, but by that time, we had iPods for literally a decade. Cassettes had a solid run of nearly two decades, but eventually, the sun set on the era of their dominance. It wasn’t long after the final death of auto cassettes that even CDs would follow. Heck, even iPods and other dedicated mp3 players have mostly died out in favor of smartphones that do everything an iPod does and more.

Breathing New Life into Old Tech: A Surprising New Use for Your Car’s Cassette Deck

If your car was made before about 2005, there’s a good chance it has a cassette deck in it. That cassette player has almost certainly been collecting dust for a decade or more. Who uses cassettes? Sure, the idea of cassettes is a warm, fuzzy nostalgia thing, but unlike vinyl, they never really had any resurgence among hipsters or audiophiles. Old cassette tapes remain a nostalgic curiosity, but not much more than that.

But now, that’s changing. At iSimple, we finally found a use for that dusty cassette deck. Introducing  CallCassette from iSimple. For less than twenty bucks, this handy device can let you enjoy hands-free calling and music streaming in your hand-me-down car. Cassette radio technology can actually be used to let you use the newest audio technology: streaming music from your smartphone and enjoy clear, crisp sound quality through your car's speakers. Compatible with any car with a working cassette radio.

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