They’re never caught without their headphones, they’re always showing you the “next big artist,” and a broken AUX cord will ruin their day. The music lover in your life thrives when they’re jamming to their favorite songs, so give them the gift that keeps them tuned in wherever they go.

Water-Proof Bluetooth Speaker  

A Bluetooth speaker that can go literally ANYWHERE with you! On a boat, to the beach, backpacking, or even the shower!

This rugged Bluetooth waterproof speaker allows you to enjoy music streaming, hands-free calling, and FM radio all-in-one! 


Your musical friends will love the retro cassette look of this awesome gift. The CallCassette is another great way to take an older car to the next level, and for a little over $20, it’s a steal, too. Put the CallCassette into a cassette player from yesteryear and plug it into the headphone jack of any modern-day Android, iPhone, or tablet. Plus, its cable is tangle-free. What more could a music lover need?


Don’t be fooled by its size—the BluJax Bluetooth AUX Adapter packs a lot of power into its tiny frame. It’s a cable-free, compact device that pops right into any ride’s AUX port and wirelessly connects to your friend’s Bluetooth-enabled device to stream their music library, Spotify, Pandora, and more through their car’s stereo. One charge gives eight hours of continuous jams, making it the perfect addition to their daily commute or their big road trip.