you know that AUX cords are difficult to deal with if you’re passing around an tablet or a smartphone. Most cords just aren’t designed to be long enough to reach everyone in a car – and the ones that are long enough are often bulky and unwieldy, or have a tendency to disconnect from the AUX – and nobody likes having their tunes interrupted!

BluJax ISBT32 – A Better Bluetooth Adaptor For Your Car

So next time you’re on a road trip, ditch the AUX – and pick up BluJax ISBT32 from iSimple. This innovative Bluetooth AUX adapter connects directly to your AUX input, providing you with high quality wireless connectivity. Compatible in all vehicles with AUX-In port.

Streaming your music has never been easier. If you’re on a road trip with your friends, you can use a dedicated iPad or smartphone to let everyone be the DJ – streaming music wirelessly with a hands-free Bluetooth connection.

Is your AUX port hiding in your armrest or glove box? No worries! We also provide an additional cable extension for those pesky hidden jacks, so no excuses! Pairing BluJax is as easy as syncing it once. After you pair your iPad and turn on the device, you’re good to go! We know that you don’t want your Bluetooth AUX adaptor to run out of battery halfway through a road trip – so we’ve built BluJax ISBT32 with a long, 8 hour battery life – and a USB charger that can attach to your in-car DC power outlet.

Get on the road without any strings, or cables attached, shop BluJax now.