Have a friend that always asks for your phone charger when they go below 50% (even if you’re at 20%)? In-car chargers are the gift that keeps on giving, keeping the power hog in your life fully charged and your charger in your own hands. We’ve put together a list of gadgets that are sure to electrify even the most power-hungry of your friends.

High Current USB Charging Adapter

When the power hog needs a charge, they need it fast. That’s the High Current USB Charging Adapter’s specialty. This handy cigarette lighter adapter charges Apple products incredibly fast, and at $14.95, it makes a super affordable small gift or a sound investment for yourself.


For the ultimate power hog with multiple devices, the days of deciding which to charge during their drive time are over. The TwinVolt adapter turns a car’s single 12V port into two, allowing you to use two 12V separate chargers at once. For under $15, your power-hungry friend can charge everything they need in a single drive—or share a charge with you.


Its name may seem odd, but this may be the hardest-working charger on this list. The ISBB47 is a charger and a power bank, allowing you to charge your phone on the road via your car’s cigarette lighter, park, and carry 5 hours of extra talk time in your pocket. Its built-in flashlight and emergency glass breaker tip make the ISBB47 a real life-saver.

Keep the Hits Coming 

Whether you’re buying for yourself, a power hog or just your favorite phone owner, iSimple’s car chargers can turn any car into a battery saver. Looking for more? Our products page has gadgets to keep everyone in your life talking, jamming, and safe behind the wheel.

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