The inside of a car is a surprisingly rough environment for electronic equipment. Cheaply manufactured devices for smartphone music streaming will easily fail due to winter freezes or sweltering summer temperatures. uLinxMAX is designed, engineered and built to last. Introducing the most rugged, heavy-duty aftermarket cables* that provide syncing and charging in any extreme situation. uLinxMax cables were engineered to survive the rough automotive car audio environment behind the car dash to withstand all the bends, pinches, scrapes and wrapping that can occur during a radio installation.

Built to tolerate the extreme temperature conditions that an installed stereo withstands. iSimple has taken cables to the next level. Designed to withstand temperature conditions that can fluctuate from -40°F in the coldest winter climates, to extreme behind-the-dash heat at 176°F. uLinxMAX was created to make the installation easy and permanent, by eliminating the need for installers to disassemble an entire car dash, just to replace one flimsy broken cable. The tapered design ensures fit compatibility with most smartphone and tablet cases.

Surviving pull tests of 55lbs, the nylon dual layer shielding system gives power sports enthusiast the indestructible cable they’ll need while on their adventures. Broken wires and fraying cords are a frustrating day-to-day occurrence for the consumer. We eliminate this frustration, and exceed the competition by surpassing 4,100 cable rotations. Constructed of heavy gauge copper for rapid power transfer beyond 2.4Amp and to ensure the clean transfer of data for products like apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The days of replacing your USB cable every six months are over!


  • 3.3m/1.2 FT. total length
  • Phone Side connector has 55lbs of pull force.
  • Built to survive -40F/C to 176F.
  • Capable of up to 3A charge power.
  • Exceeds 4,000 cycles of cable bend testing.
  • Exceeds 10,000 cycles of USB insertion testing.
  • Copper power wire strands: 26 of 17 AWG
  • Copper data wire strands: 19 of 28 AWG

uLinxMAX USB Cable with Micro USB
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uLinxMAX USB Cable with Micro USB

$27.95 IS9612 The most rugged aftermarket cable available!
uLinxMAX USB Cable with Lightning Connector
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uLinxMAX USB Cable with Lightning Connector

$39.95 IS9615 The most rugged aftermarket cable available!