shutterstock_499754812.jpgAt iSimple, we believe that charging your phone in your car should be, well, simple. That’s why we offer a variety of products that can charge your mobile devices on the go. They’re fast, they’re effective, and they hold up for years to come. If you’re wondering where to buy a car charger that does what you need and more, check out our online catalogue.

Here are some of our recommended iSimple products.

Our Latest 2.4A USB Port Fast Car Charger

Charge your smartphone fast while on the go. Insert the 2.4A connector into your 12v socket in your vehicle to charge your smartphone's battery quickly!

HubVolt DM: A Dash Mountable USB Charging Port

Our HubVolt DM is simple to install in any car’s dashboard panel, center console, or under-dash area, via the included mounting bracket. Just hook it up to any standard USB iPhone cable, and charge your phone quickly and easily. It’s also great for charging Android phones, digital cameras, bluetooth earpieces, or anything else that can charge via USB.

HubVolt MAX: Add Rapid Charging to Your Car’s Dash

Installing HubVolt MAX USB car charger puts USB in car dashboards for any make and model, even older ones. It offers ultra-fast 2.4A charging, with aluminum housing that maximizes heat dissipation to keep it going strong for years to come.

JamKast FM: Charge Your iPhone While You Stream Music

Why stick with something that merely charges your phone, when you could have an on the go charger that doubles as an FM music streaming device? In older cars without built-in Bluetooth for iPhones, FM is often your best bet for wireless music streaming. We designed the JamKast FM transmitter to be as powerful as federal law allows. Stream music from your phone via any of four open FM channels, while your phone charges in the meantime.

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