button.pngMillennials kind of got a bum deal. We came of age during one of the worst recessions in recent history, and even today, nine years later, the economy isn’t exactly stellar. Between underemployment, student loans, and everything else we’ve been dealing with over the last few years, buying a brand new car isn’t exactly on our priority lists. Most of us drive a car that’s at least ten years old. While some higher-end cars circa 2007 had some means of connecting an iPod -- remember those, the ones that weren’t phones? -- the very first iPhone didn’t debut until June 2007, and to be honest, smartphones didn’t become truly ubiquitous until a few years later.

Many of us drive cars that, although they’re in good condition, are way older than the technology that powers our phones. This creates a problem: how can we enjoy our phones to their full potential on the road, if our cars are too old to have come with built-in Bluetooth capabilities? Taking a call while driving is just plain dangerous, unless you have a hands-free way to do it.

Introducing TranzIt Blu HF: Hands-Free Calling & Streaming Has Never Been Easier

TranzIt Blu HF is a surprisingly affordable, system for integrating Bluetooth into any older car with a working FM radio. This all-in-one kit incorporates a one-touch button for taking voice calls, streaming music, and using Siri or Google Now to send texts and search the web. It’s no secret that texting and driving is incredibly dangerous. Anything that takes your hands and eyes off the road has a high probability of ending in a nightmare. But sometimes, phone calls are important. That’s why TranzIt Blu HF has a one-touch call button, letting you make and take phone calls using only your voice. How cool is that?

TranzIt Blu HF uses Bluetooth for wireless streaming, eliminating cumbersome AUX cables.

Handsfree Bluetooth calling and streaming has never been easier. Ready to get started? Get your TranzIt BLU HF now.