6 Entertaining Activities for Kids in the Car

Long car drives are demanding enough. They can be even more stressful when you add kids to the mix. Ten minutes into your road trip, don’t be surprised if you have one of your children asking, “Are we there yet?” But to avoid this question and enjoy your summer road trip with your family, here are six ways to keep your children entertained and engaged during the long ride:

  1. Make Your Own Carpool Karaoke Video

 All you need to create a carpool karaoke video is excellent music and a dash cam. If you don’t have an interior viewing camera, you can also use your smartphone’s camera. Sing along to your family’s favorite songs and dance it out. If your vehicle doesn’t have Bluetooth, you can stream music from your smartphone with iSimple’s Bluetooth solutions.

  1. Play 20 Questions

Twenty questions is a great game with straightforward rules. The first player thinks of a person, place or thing. Everyone else takes turns asking questions that can only be answered by yes or no. The questioners are allowed one guess after each answer. If they can’t guess the person, place or thing after 20 questions, the first player wins.

  1. License Plate Lingo

License plate lingo is a fun game that tests your creativity. Select license plates from cars near you on the road and explain the meaning of the letters. For example, PEU could mean Pickle Eating Unicorn or Professional Eater Upside Down Cake.

  1. Audiobooks

 Audiobooks are a great way to pass the time. Introduce your kids to classics like Charlotte’s Web or any of the Roald Dahl books you loved as a child. 

  1. Get to Know Your Kids Again

Fortunately for you and maybe unfortunately for your kids, you have a captive audience while in the car. During the school year you’re rushing from one activity to the next without time to talk in between, but on a road trip take this time to talk to your kids and get to know their molding and changing personalities.

  1. Keep Everyone’s Gadgets Charged

While it’s not advisable for kids to be glued to their tablets for the entire trip, a little screen time can help pass some time. Load their iPads with creative apps or educational games and make sure their electronics are all charged. With iSimple’s 4 USB port car charger for front and back seats, there’s no fighting over one charger—you can fast charge four devices at one time. 

All you need to survive long car rides with kids is a little creativity and imagination. The key is to plan and have all the car accessories and gadgets ready to go. Now get out your music playlist and start jamming out!