A Step-by-Step Guide on Installing the GateWay Kit

Whoever said video killed the radio star has failed to recognize SiriusXM’s 32 million subscribers. In fact, Statista revealed that in spring 2017, they recorded more than 35 million satellite radio listeners in a short 7-day period. Can you imagine the numbers for a whole month or a year? 

If you’re one of those people who doesn’t deny your love for satellite radio and want to know how to integrate your satellite radio and iPhone or iPod into the same stereo, we can hook you up. And there’s one simple way to do so: the GateWay Kit.

Installing the Plug-and-Play Tuner

The GateWay Kit available from iSimple is a plug-and-play kit that includes a Media GateWay, iPod cable, HD radio cable and vehicle-specific harness. To upgrade your GateWay and gain full control of your satellite radio from your factory radio, use the iSimple SatWire cable that connects the SCC1 tuner to the Media Gateway.

  1. Disconnect your vehicle's battery from the electrical system for safety reasons.
  2. Carefully remove the trim panels that cover the 7mm bolts that secure the radio into the dash cavity and pull the radio from the dash.
  3. Disconnect the factory 16-Pin harness and 14-Pin harness from the back of the radio.
  4. Make the following connections before connecting the GateWay to the vehicle when connecting the satellite radio tuner:
  5. Plug the black end of the 3 foot ISSR12 (8-Pin mini-din to 10-Pin mini-din) into the first port (farthest from the dip switches) on the GateWay.
  6. Connect the gray end of this cable into the satellite radio tuner.
  7. Plug in the male connectors on the PGHGM1 harness into the 16-pin port and 14-pin port on the back of the radio.
  8. Connect the factory 16-pin and 14-pin harness into the female connectors on the PGHGM1 harness.
  9. Plug the black micro-fit 24-pin connector on the PGHGM1 harness into the GateWay.

Completing the Installation

  1. Secure the GateWay and satellite radio tuner into the cavity in the dash behind the radio.
  2. Ensure the cables and interface modules are not near moving parts or sharp metal edges to avoid damage. (Use zip ties, fasteners or tape to prevent rattling noises.)
  3. Once all connections are made, reconnect the vehicle’s battery.
  4. Turn your car on to check for proper operation of the GateWay and satellite radio tuner before reinstalling the factory dash panels.

When you access the GateWay for the first time, your radio may display "DEV INIT" while it is initializing. If this happens, just wait one minute then cycle the ignition off and on. You can then access SAT mode again to begin GateWay operation.

From there, you can play your satellite radio and your iPhone or iPod all from the same stereo. The GateWay Kit provides modern seamless integration in any outdated vehicle. Have more questions about the installation? Check out the manual in the “downloads” tab or shoot us a message.