Like almost everyone, I have a smartphone. Do they even make phones anymore that aren’t smartphones? Anyway, I may have a great phone, but my car isn’t nearly as new and high-tech.

My car is from 2009. I’m not alone, either. Most people nowadays drive older cars. I’m 24. I have student loans, I’m still looking for a job in my field, and frankly, I don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on a brand new 2017 model with all the latest features.

I’ve had a smartphone since 2012, but it was only recently that I figured out how to integrate my car radio with Bluetooth. Would you believe I used to set one of those cube-shaped Bluetooth speakers on my dashboard? Embarrassingly, I totally did. How else do you get Bluetooth for your car when your car is older than the first iPhone?

Then, finally, I met a guy at a new job who let me in on a little secret: there’s a whole line of products specifically designed to let you play your smartphone’s audio through little more than a basic AUX input.

I ended up getting a BluJax. It’s a little circular Bluetooth adapter for car stereo systems. It can plug into any standard AUX input. The device uses Bluetooth to pair with a smartphone -- no wires to get in the way and tether my phone to the dashboard. It’s got a great battery life, and it charges via USB.

It’s so simple, I can’t believe I didn’t figure this out sooner. Now, I can finally stream music and podcasts, without rigging some awkward speaker setup.