Keep Your Hands on the Wheel with Hands-Free Devices

People have been arguing for years about the risks and benefits of hands-free devices. Well, we're here to set the records straight once and for all. Our own electronic addiction has pushed mobile phones and other devices into our cars. But let's not kid ourselves into believing that talking on the phone, texting or even looking for that favorite song while driving is somehow safe because it isn't.  

This is why we have hands-free devices in the first place, as well as laws that ban holding your phone in your hand while at the wheel. Distracted driving can be a killer, and we all know it. Because of that, it’s important to develop safe driving habits by making use of several great devices at our disposal. We need to keep in contact with the outside world and listen to our favorite podcast, all the while keeping our eyes and attention on the road. 

We Can Do Both and Then Some

While some argue that hands-free devices do not actually improve the effects of distracted driving, we beg to differ. The argument made is that it's not so much the handling of the phone, the texting or the fact that you have to keep your phone on your shoulder while changing gears (that is if you’re driving stick, of course), but rather, the simple act of talking that's to blame. 

But consider this: the United States Department of Transportation reported nearly 3,500 deaths and over 390,000 injuries in 2015 as a direct consequence of distracted driving. Going 55 mph, taking your eyes off the road for just 5 seconds to make a call or pick the next song you want to play is like driving an entire football field with your eyes closed. Talking on a hand-hold cellphone while driving has been banned in 15 states and the District of Columbia, it’s just a matter of time before more states adopt this rule.

Hands-free devices keep your hands firmly on the wheel and your eyes on the road. From Bluetooth steering wheel attachments able to play, pause, adjust volume and change tracks, to a hands-free calling kit making use of your car's own FM radio to take calls, these products let you drive connected without the need to look down and risk your safety.

Lower the Risks and Maximize the Benefits

With hands-free devices, you can lower the risks of distracted driving, while at the same time keeping in contact with the outside world. You can find these gadgets and high-quality technologies at iSimple. Check out our products page or call 866.788.4237.