At iSimple, we offer a wide range of products that bring new mobile technology and old car sound system technology together at last, even if your car doesn’t have Bluetooth. We have adapters for AUX to stream your music, for Bluetooth connectivity, and more. We even have systems you can install with a one-touch calling and control button, making it easier than ever to make hands free calls.

Here are just a few cool Christmas shopping ideas. Even better, they’re all super-affordable at under $50!


Driving a classic hand-me-down car that still has a cassette player in it? Transform old technology into cutting-edge smartphone compatibility with CallCassette. Plug your phone into the cassette adapter, and your classic ride can play the latest tracks through your smartphone.


Connects any smartphone to a car’s audio system, with a lengthy 3 foot cable. It’s got a built-in microphone for safely making calls on the go.


Stream and control your smartphone’s music wirelessly through your vehicle’s speakers with BluJax, a simple little AUX adapter that instantly adds Bluetooth music streaming to your car and through your car’s speakers.

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At iSimple, we offer a range of products at a variety of price points, from simple stocking stuffers to more complex and feature-rich systems that need a professional installation. For more cool gift ideas for your new driver, check out our 2017 Holiday Gift Guide.