Ever since cell phones became commonplace, and texting became a popular way to communicate, using phones while driving without a hands-free Bluetooth car adapter has been a surprisingly common cause of accidents, ranging from minor fender benders to deadly wrecks.

This is even more of a problem now that our phones have flat, uniform touchscreens. If you’re old enough to remember those candy bar Nokia phones and flip phones, if you were good at texting, you could do it by touch alone. You could remember which key did which letters, and how many taps you needed to get the letter you wanted. It wasn’t exactly safe, but it was safer than visually looking at your phone. Those days are long gone, though.

At Any Given Time, Over 660,000 People Are Trying to Use Their Phone While Driving

That’s right. At any moment during the day, hundreds of thousands of people are trying to text and drive. While this number doesn’t differentiate between people using their hands and those using a hands-free car Bluetooth adapter instead, it’s still a starting stat. Anyone on the road with you could currently be distracted by their smartphone.

Over 330,000 Injuries Each Year Are Caused By Texting And Driving

These injuries range from minor to fatal, and everything in between. Texting takes your hands off the wheel, and takes your eyes and mind off the road. While you’re driving at highway speeds, a split second can be all it takes for a disaster to strike. Around 25% of car accidents in the United States occur because someone was texting while driving.

21 Percent of Teenagers That Were Involved in Fatal Car Accidents were Distracted By Their Cell Phones

Teenage drivers are at elevated risk, because they’re still learning how to drive. Even after you obtain your license and pass the driving test, there’s a lot of learning to do about best practices for everyday driving. Using a cell phone while driving is a bad idea. Teen drivers are actually four times more likely to get into cell phone related crashes than adults are.

Finding Solutions: Getting a Bluetooth Adapter for Car Calling

To safely make or take a call while driving, you need to keep your hands and eyes out of it. To do that in an older car that predates smartphone, you’ll need a Bluetooth adapter for car use. There are a variety of aftermarket Bluetooth products available that are designed for perfect compatibility with older vehicles. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • CallJax. CallJax is a lengthy three-foot 3.5mm audio adapter for your car. It lets you use your AUX input, or both to safely stream music and make calls on the go.

  • CallLinx. CallLinx audio cable from iSimple features a built-in microphone system, making it easy to take calls while staying safe and paying attention to the road.

  • CallKast. This simple FM transmitter comes with a push-button microphone to let you safely make and receive phone calls from your smartphone.


These and other great products from iSimple can help you stay safe while staying connected on the road.

When you’re driving, texting is incredibly dangerous. You shouldn’t be handling your phone at all, nor should you be looking at it. But with products from iSimple, you can make calls hands-free, letting you stay connected while keeping your attention where it needs to be.