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The most powerful FM transmitter allowed by federal law for music and app streaming.  Will also charge your phone.

Play your digital music library handsfree via your vehicle's radio with this FM tuner, which is compatible with iPod, iPhone and iPad models with a Lightning connector.

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Modern car models are designed to integrate seamlessly with iPhones and other smart devices. If you drive an older car, you might not have this luxury. JamKast FM makes it easier than ever to stream music and audio from a modern device, using an old-fashioned medium: FM radio.

JamKast tuner sends your streaming music to an FM channel. Just select it on the radio, and voila! You’re listening to your own custom playlists, audiobooks, podcasts, or whatever else you’re into. We’ve designed JamKast FM for simple, hassle-free use and installation. Just plug the lightning connector into the device, tune your radio to the right band, and enjoy your iPhone, iPad, or iPod-- no matter how dated your car is. With a built-in car charger it ensures you’ll never drain the battery.


  • Built-in Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC). This retains the crisp, crystal-clear digital audio signal from the lightning cable, helping improve the sound performance though your FM radio.
  • 1 AMP charging. Don’t worry about draining your iPhone battery: the JamKast FM charges it the whole time.
  • dTECT audio scanning. This finds clear FM frequencies in your geographic area, then saves them in the memory for quick access later.
  • Selectable FM transmission frequency. Pick from several available FM channels, and use the one that sounds the best.

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