CallCassette with Bluetooth


CallCassette with Bluetooth



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Ditch your retro tape collection and put on some choice tunes. With the new CallCassette with Bluetooth, you can finally enjoy wireless hands-free calling and music streaming through your old cassette radio.

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If you’re like a lot of other people out there, your car is probably over 10 years old. Sure, it runs just fine, but the sound system’s more than a little bit dated. What are you supposed to do with an FM radio and a cassette player? Listen to the same ten songs on repeat on that local top 40 station? Start a retro tape collection?


“How can I get my smartphone music in my car?”, you ask. Great question, and lucky for you, we have the answer: CallCassette with Bluetooth from iSimple. That’s right, it’s possible: you can use your old-school cassette player to stream music from your phone. “Bluetooth? From a cassette?” We get it-- it sounds too good to be true. But hey, it’s the future. We have the technology to bring Bluetooth music streaming to any older car -- even yours.


ISBT38 is a perfect match for any smartphone. This nifty little device slides right into your cassette player, equipped with a Bluetooth connection that syncs effortlessly with your device. Suddenly, your vintage ride can handle the latest smartphone technology. With a built-in microphone, you can even take calls hands-free.


Key Features


  • Compatible with any car’s cassette player. That’s right-- it’s not useless after all!
  • Dash-mounted push-button capability. Answer a call, pause your music, skip a track, or activate Siri -- without taking your eyes off the road.
  • Bluetooth equipped. No headphone jack? No problem! Our new CallCassette version is Bluetooth enabled.
  • Flat cable design. Say goodbye to hopelessly tangled cords! Our innovative flat cable design doesn’t tie itself in knots.

Tip!  If the cassette adapter cannot be loaded in "side up," you can insert the cassette adapter upside down, just make sure you press the A/B button on your car radio.

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