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Never Run Out Of Juice Again With The ISBB47 Battery Bank!

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Easy to Use!

Tap once to turn on the battery bank for charging your device!

Tap twice to turn on the flash light!

Rapid Phone Charging That Integrates With Your Vehicle

The ISBB47 has been built for rapid phone charging, making use of a 2.4A design that offers lightning-fast power transfers, and the built-in battery bank ensures that you can charge your phone even when you’re away from your vehicle.

The durable, all-metal ISBB47 has been built with an integrated DC cigarette lighter charger that allows it to draw constant power from your vehicle when you’re driving, simultaneously charging both your phone and the built-in battery storage bank.

The portable phone charger integrated into the design provides up to 5 hours of extra talk time, providing you with the battery backup that you need, and it works with any smartphone – just plug in your USB charger cord, and you’re good to go.

Flashlight And Glass Breaker For Additional Safety

The ISBB47 isn’t just a power bank charger – it’s a comprehensive safety tool. The stainless steel and aluminum construction of this device allows it to integrate a powerful emergency glass/window breaker tip that can be used in case disaster strikes. 

In addition, a built-in flashlight offers 24 hours of light that can be used in emergencies. When you travel with the ISBB47 power bank, you don’t just get comfort and convenience – you get a comprehensive safety solution that is useful for commercial and private drivers alike.          

Does not come with cable.

NOTE: This is not a toy. Window breaker is for emergency use only. Keep out of reach of children. This tool will not break windshields or laminated glass. It only works on tempered glass. Some automotive side windows are laminated: ask your car dealer for more information.

ISBB47 Manual
ISBB47 Manual
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