4 USB Port Car Charger for Front and Back Seats


4 USB Port Car Charger for Front and Back Seats



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No more fighting over the charger. Fast charge 4 devices at one time! Plug in your cables and get charged fast!

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When you’re driving, it can be difficult to provide every passenger in your car with the power they need to charge their devices, especially on long road trips. iPads, smartphones, video gaming devices, and more; you may find yourself lacking the charging capabilities to keep everyone happy.

So if you find yourself needing an advanced car charger that offers both front and rear seat charging capabilities, iSimple has the perfect device for your needs – the iSimple IS4824 front and back seat car charger. Using advanced charging technology, we’ve developed a specialized charging system that allows users to charge up to 2 devices in both the rear and front seat – from a single 12V DC port. Both front and rear charging hubs offer 2.4A power to users, allowing this charging hub to be used to charge larger devices such as digital cameras, tablets, portable gaming consoles, and more.  Best of all, the unique 2-hub design of the iSimple IS4824 makes it easy to manage your charging cords. Because it offers both a front and rear charging hub, you won’t have to deal with long cords stretching throughout your vehicle.

Installation is quick and easy. Simply install the front hub by plugging it directly into your 12V DC outlet, and unstretch the included cord that attaches the included rear hub. To keep the cord out of the way, it can be run between the seats of your car, or through your center console. Then, install the rear hub, either by using the included adhesive to attach it to your center console, or clipping it to your rear car-seat with the high-strength clip backing.

That’s it! With just two quick steps, you’re ready to charge up to 4 devices at once. So don’t worry about running out of juice on the road - with the IS4824 from iSimple, you can keep your whole family charged, entertained, and happy!

No more fighting over the charger. Enjoy up to 2.4A (each port) of fast charging in 4 USB ports. Plug into your car’s 12V socket and go! Mount discreetly inside your front seat back pocket with the clip or back of center console using included adhesive. The fastest charger for four devices!


  • 2 USB port front seat car charger with clip-on 2 USB port backseat charging hub with durable 1.5M/4.9FT cable
  • Adhesive sticker for console mounting

IS4824 Manual
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