Experience crystal clear, easy-to-control music streaming anywhere. Simply plug it into an RCA or AUX port, sync your device, and listen to anything you want-- without the hassle of cables and cords. Its compact size makes it useful when there’s limited space, and its weather-resistant construction makes it great for outdoor use.

Enjoy your favorite music virtually anywhere in any weather environment. MusicStream produces up to four volts (4V) of preamp output to provide the clearest Bluetooth audio experience and can withstand all types of in-vehicle environments whether it’s in a car, a motorcycle, or power sport vehicle and even a marine vessel.

Listen to their favorite playlists stored on their smartphones or tablets anywhere your life takes you.

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$39.95 ISBT23


WIRELESS AUDIO RECEIVER TO ENJOY STREAMING YOUR SMARTPHONE'S MUSIC IN ALL WEATHER CONDITIONS. Bluetooth audio receiver to transmit music from your smartphone to any car, boat, or motorcycle with an AUX input or direct to amplifier. 4V output and weather-proof for all your adventures on the road, off road or on the water!